Black Pellets Sustainability

Compared to coal, the environmental savings of black pellets or 'biocoal' are huge. 

Compared to coal, the environmental savings of biocoal are huge. The GHG emissions to produce 1 MWH using coal are around three times higher than producing 1 MWH with biocoal.


Compared to wood pellets, long-distance transportation is more favorable with biocoal as the bulk density and heating value per ton is significantly higher than with wood pellets.


Preliminary university studies show that biocoal production chains have a lower ecological impact then wood pellets production chains, even if biocoal is shipped in large quantities over long distances. Distribution through shipping causes fewer emissions than transportation by trucking.

It is fundamental to us that the biomass we use is sustainable and meets statutory requirements. We have a dedicated team to ensure the biocoal pellets we manufacture, sell for heat or use to generate electricity meet the requirements for sustainable biomass as established by the government.

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